Couchsurfi sõpradele!

You know you’re addicted to CS when…

1. you say: “CS is NOT a dating site!” with a smile
2. while choosing between your boyfriend/girlfriend and your CS profile/reference/contact, you choose the second
3. you talk to your non-CS friends about AMT, MDST, CUQ, Ambassadors, Brainstorm, surfing, meetings even if they never joined CS, and they actually know what you are talking about
4. sentences like “i am going to negref you”, “she is a country” or “only 9 follow-ups” make sense to you
5. you plan your next trip considering the people you need to visit and CS meetings you need to participate, not for the cities you dream to see
6. you met Casey and used to mention it casually in conversations, but now you humbly try to avoid mentioning it
7. even when you are blind drunk you still try to post an intelligent answer to your city/country group because it’s urgent
8. you check CS before your emails or facebook
9. CS break- that’s the two hours in between guests.
10. you introduce someone new to your (non-CS) friends, they ask “Hi, are you her surfer?”
11. you refer to friends as ‘CS-friends’ and ‘non-CS-friends’
12. you see tourists while traveling and ask them if they are CSers and if not if they want to become one
13. your parents, brothers, grandparents, high school friends and friends of friends want to come visit, and you say, “Sure…. can you sign up on this little website so I can add you as a ‘Good Friend’ and leave a reference?”
14. your browser start page is
15. you ask your web manager at work to block CS website because you can’t work otherwise’
16. you consider quitting your job when they block CS
17. you search in vain for ages through your friends list to send a message to your friend before finally remembering that they are not on CS
18. you call out sick from work because you stayed up all night reading and replying to groups
19. you think about getting another computer so you can communicate with your surfer whilst checking your own CS stuff 😉
20. people see a foreigner in your small town and they just point out where your place is!
21. you meet somebody really nice but are a bit sad that you can not leave them a reference because they are not on CouchSurfing.
22. you log onto the CS website at least 10 times a day hoping someone has posted you a reply

4 thoughts on “Couchsurfi sõpradele!

  1. Najah… kutsikas on õnneks ajutine. Seni kui ülemus reisib hoian tema majas lemmikloomi – 1 kass ja 1 üleannetu kutsikas, kes lisaks koeratoidule sööa nädalas paari plätusid.

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