Garage48 Ghanas

Garage48 on Ghanas täies hoos. Yritus on viimase peal.

Siin siis meie meeskonna idee:

Back to Ghana brings back home talents from abroad and connects them with Employers and Business opportunities!

There is a lot of companies in Ghana who hire expat because they want somebody who has learned in foreign university and have experience of working in Europe, States, wherever. But there is a lot of Ghanians out there with same values. So why to hire an expat to who you need to get work permit (which is very expensive) and who most probably will leave after few years working here when you can hire a Ghanian with same knowledge ad who does not need work permit to be hired in his home country and who would be much more permanent and more loyal employee.
Or if you have gained your business management degree abroad – very good! But come and start your business back home – it’s easier here!


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