Ghana Hõivamine Occupy Ghana
Eile maksti palka ning täna riigipüha – mhmm kas võiks olla veel paremat päeva üheks uue kodu sisustamise ostutiiruks?
Jah! Vaadates allolevaid pilte, mis facebookis levivad peegeldamaks hetkeolukorda linnas, lükkan mina oma ostutiiru edasi.

Ghana majanduses on juba mõnda aega täbar seis, kohalik raha dollari vastu kukub kolinal ning rahvas leiab, et valitsusel on aeg tagasi astuda. Rahumeelseid demonstratsioone on meelsuse märgiks linnas toimunud juba mõnda aega, ning tänaseks võti kavva sisuurem üritus nimega OccupyGhana, mille üheks osaks on presidendi maja esise muru hõivamine.

Neti kommentaatorid ilkusid küll, et ah tegemist ju Ghanaga, siin rohkem jutumehed koos ning vaevalt keegi kohale ilmub – aga näe ilmus.

Niiet ostutiir sai lükatud nädalavahetusse, täna istun kodus ja uuendan hoopis OKAcccra klientide kodulehekülgi. Ongi rohkem, mille eest Laupäeval ostelda 🙂

Yesterday was Payday and today is Public Holiday! Could there be any better day for the “decirating my new home”-shopping?
Well, looking at the photos below, that are spreading over Facebook to show current situation in town I would say…yep there could be a better day.. So I am postponing my (Super)market-rounds to the weekend.

The Economic situation in Ghana has been pretty bad for long time already, Cedi (local currency) against dollar is dropping almost daily and people are demanding the Change of the Government. Thefore there have been smaller peaceful demonstrations in town for whole past week but for today but for today they planned for smth bigger. Event called Occupy Ghana that also contains in itself the occupying the lawn of the Flagstaff House. Facebook commentators were laughing – “This is Ghana, who will even show up?” But people did show up. So lets hope for a change…

By all means my shopping has been postponed to Saturday, today staying indoors and updating websites for OKAccra customers. 🙂

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Photo credits: Adwoa Agyemang and #Occupyghana Fb group

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