Otse Ghanast!

Liibanoonlaste baar. (Venus)
Baaris 4 aastane tydryk kysib emalt: “Mummy, is this beer or is this wine what you are drinking?”
Sandra: “I don’t know, You tell me!?”
Tytar pistab näpu 6lleklaasi, lakub puhtaks ja teatab: “Mhmm this is beer, I like beer!”Liibanoonlaste pleiss
Sandra: “See? That’s why I can’t live in States. They would call me Social Service if my four year old child would shout in bar that she loves beer!”

Liibanoonlaste baar.
Sandra arutleb: “The Captain Hooks – it is really great restaurant! The place is clean and the waiters are polite. And if they can’t prepare the food you ordered they come and tell you!!!! /PAUS/ Mhmm… after eight years in Ghana it is really easy to impress me…”

Odav India resto.
Ettekandja tuleb lauda koristama ja t6mbab Martini nina eest taldriku,kus on veel sööki.
Martin: “I am eating it!”
Ettekandja: “No you are not!”
Martin: “Yes I am!”

Odav India resto.
Martin: “ ……… and two coffees with milk please”
Ettekandja: “Coffee???? What is that?”
Martin: “A dark hot drink made out of coffee beans or powder.” Joonistab tellimuslehele aurava tassi.
Ettekandja: “Tea?”
Martin: “No this is different drink, I want coffee, please.”
Ettekandja: “Let me ask somebody.”
Tuleb teise ettekandjaga tagasi ja me edastame oma soovi.
Ettekandja 2: “No we don’t serve coffee here!”
Martin: “Yes you do.”
Ettekandja 2: “But normally people drink tea here.”
Martin: “It’s very cute, but I want coffee.”
Ettekandja 2: “Let me ask.” Tuleb tagasi: “They said in kitchen that we do have coffee!”
Martin: “Great !”
Ettekandja 2: “I should bring it?”

Odav India resto.
Oleme kohvidest oma 2 lonksu v6tnud kui ettekandja tuleb toitu tooma. Asetab söögi lauale ja v6tab kohvitassi.
Mina ja Martin: “No it’s not finished, we will drink it with food!”
Ettekandja segaduses: “I should leave it?”

Odav India resto.
Tellime söögi ja ootame selle saabumist yle tunni aja. Sööme ära ja tunneme, et paganama hea oli , tahaks yhe portsu veel seda sama.
Arutleme s6pradega: “Should we take one more?” “I don’t know, do we have that much time, they cooked it more than one hour.”
Sekkub ettekandja: “No it will not take one hour anymore, the chef is here now!”

Odav India resto.

Oleme tellinud söögi ja oodanud seda ca 15 minutit kui tuleb ettekandja.
“I am sorry, the girl on kitchen does not know how to cook it, please order something else.”
Martin: “Ok , what kind of dishes can she cook then.”
Ettekandja: “I don’t know.”
Martin: “Can you find it out for me, so I could order something she can prepare.”
Ettekandja: “No I can’t find it out . She says that chef is not here”
Yllatume: “But where the chef is then?”
Ettekandja: “He went to the market .”
Meie: “?!?!?”
Ettekandja: “Yes he is buying some food, I don’t know when he is coming back”

Odav India resto.
Martin: “Will you please bring proper cutlery?”
Ettekandja: “????”
Martin: “Instead of spoon and knife, just bring me fork and knife, please.”
Ettekandja: “???”
Martin: “A fork instead of a spoon”

Liibanoonlaste baar.
Sandra: “In summer I plan to travel to Italy, going to see Venice.”
Mina: “Cool, never been there myself but some people say that it stinks there.”
Sandra: “Yes, I know. When I lived in States I also did not want to travel there because they say it stinks. But now after living in Ghana for so long I don’t think I will notice any smell.”

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